Midterms 2018

 Download the Illinois GOTV Digital Toolkit

Download the Illinois GOTV Digital Toolkit


Indivisible #ILVOTE

At first, we came together to fight the Trump agenda of hate and bigotry. Not only did we find our individual voices in the resistance, but we also discovered a supportive community of progressive activism one which our nation has never seen before. Veteran activists, new community organizers, advocates, allies and partners continue to build a big tent where all are welcomed.  

Together we are empowered with notion that we are represented in government by a local official.  Our plan is not only to hold our elected officials accountable for their votes on issues that matter most to us, but also through voter awareness and increased civic engagement, we will sustain this movement by electing representatives that share our progressive values.


1.  Download and use inspiration from the Illinois Digital Toolkit using #March20tothePolls to GOTV for the March 20, 2018 Primary. Host or participate in a GOTV event! Share your events and actions on the public Indivisible ILVOTE Facebook group.

2. Join the ILVOTE listserve for updates on voter registration and GOTV events after the primary.  Send your subscription request to [email protected]

3. VOTE and bring your friends!  Share your "I Voted" selfie with us on social media or send to [email protected]

Stronger together,